Consumer Labs did a check on three pet supplements and out of the three; Consumer Labs as indicated below did not approve two:


PetGuard Multi-Vitamin and Multi-Mineral for Dogs
(Puppies and dogs weighing 35 lbs. or less – 1 tablet daily; Adult dogs weighing over 35 lbs. – 2 tablets daily)

Dist. by PetGuard, Inc.


Found only 68.2% of claimed vitamin A

Pet-Tabs Complete Daily Vitamin-Mineral Supplement for Dogs
(Puppies and dogs under 10 lbs. – 1/2 tablet daily. Dogs over 10 lbs. – 1 tablet daily) Dist. by Virback AH, Inc.


Found 167.0% of claimed minimum amount of vitamin A7

Found 7.45 mcg lead per tablet (3.73 to 7.45 mcg of lead per daily serving)

The laws and regulations that control labeling of products is detailed and stringent but we must be able to trust what the labels say. When you introduce new food, treats or supplements to your pets please take the time to search the web and see if there are any problems with the products you want to buy. A simple search will bring up the good, the bad and the ugly.