Joan shares Beau, her Chow-Lab mix and his story with us.

Many pet owners struggle with the same heartbreaking issues that have plagued Beau and as his story will testify dramatic life changing results can be achieved for under $30.

Joan tells us: “This has been a long and ongoing saga with Beau.”

Our dog Beau is a Chow/Lab mix, 125lbs, 7 years old. He has been plagued with severe atopy, dermatitis and poly derma.

Our first vet continually prescribed antibiotics; we must have spent close to $2000 for treatment. Beau never seemed to get better so we purchased a membership with Banfield Pet Hospital at Pet Smart; they conducted a comprehensive blood test, found MRSA, and prescribed a very expensive antibiotic at $11 per dose. After spending over $300 Beau seemed to improve but alas his skin condition returned. We purchased everything recommended to control Beau’s itchy, flaky, raw skin … shampoos, vitamins, etc. plus the monthly Banfield membership fee.

Joan continues:

While searching the Internet I found the Vibrant Pets website. I was very impressed by the story of Muffin, and desperate to get relief for Beau I decided to give Vibrant Pets a try. We had nothing to lose because of the money guarantee.

I am so happy to let you know that after about 3 weeks we are making progress.

This has been a long and ongoing saga with Beau, for three of his seven years he has been suffering from terrible skin problems, we have been to Vet after Vet with very little success and lots of money spent, the only answer was antibiotics which really didn’t work.

We live in Florida and thought the humid climate may be the cause but since giving him your product, we have come to the conclusion that the climate is not the problem.

Beau’s coat is starting to grow back and he is not scratching or biting as much. Could this be a miracle? We are hopeful for continued improvement with your product, so far so good!

I thought I would update you on Beau’s progress, especially since you have such great customer service. We loved the hint about canned pumpkin, which was a great trick for adding to his food, he is such a fussy eater!

Thank you for your sincere interest in our pet.

Before and after pictures are included.

Joan Abbondondolo