I remember my dear old Grandmother trying to get me to take a concoction of stuff that’s only purpose was to make me healthy. I surely did not believe her and believed that she was just trying to punish me for the many bad things I did. Little did I know that she really loved me and was trying to keep me healthy. My Grandmother tried everything including threats and bribery until I started taking the concoction. The taste was not as bad as I made it out to be and soon I started to feel better and my Grandmother was pleased. Every morning she would prepare breakfast in the same apron and we would set down to eat. First the milk then the concoction, then the ham, eggs and wheat toast – of course with homemade strawberry jam. After a while if for some reason I did not take my daily dose of the concoction I felt rather strange – something seemed to be missing. The reason – I was feeling better taking Grandma’s concoction.


We find that almost all pets like taking Vibrant Pets. Indeed we have some testimonials stating that their pets will not eat their food without Vibrant Pets. That is surely true with my 3 Kerry Blue Terriers. But some pets will resist adding something different to their food. In these cases I suggest you try one of the following:


Introduce Vibrant Pets slowly. Instead of the one-teaspoon per cup of food try putting a ¼ teaspoon per cup of food and increase the amount of Vibrant Pets over time.


If you feed dry pet food, add water to make the food damp then add Vibrant Pets.


Mix Vibrant Pets with wet food and introduce Vibrant Pets slowly if required.


Mixing with cheese or liverwurst also works for some pets.


We find that once the pet starts taking Vibrant Pets, like me as described above, they will want to continue taking it. I don’t know how this happens but I believe our pets know that Vibrant Pets is making them feel better.


Our product appearance and texture has changed. This change is so we can provide a better product. We ground Vibrant Pets finer so individual ingredients would be evenly distributed throughout the formula. We also made Vibrant Pets dryer so we could ensure that the active ingredients stayed fresher. Even though this has increased the cost of production, we have maintained our price level.


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