Let’s help our dogs enjoy this 4th of July without stress !

Our dogs, just like us, strive for a safe environment, in the wild survival demands it.
If you watch a deer eat you will notice that the deer is always scanning around to ensure that everything is safe and is alert to any changes in the surrounding.
Our dogs do the same. We know when thunderstorms are eminent and we move to someplace safe and we know that fire works, handled properly, are safe.
Our pets don’t know this.

Thunderstorms and fireworks immediately change our pet’s environment and our pets respond with fear. and it’s up to us to help our pets overcome these fears.

One of the very best ways to calm the fears of pets when we use fireworks or experience thunderstorms is to wrap our pets as shown in this graphic.
Please give it a try and pass this to other dog owners you know who have the need to help their dogs overcome these fears.

Also please let us know how this works out for you.

Please click the image to get the full size!