When the heat gets to the point that is hard for us to bear – think about your dog! Dogs perspire through their paws to cool their bodies.  We generate sweat to cool our bodies.

To ensure we do our very best to keep our furry friends cool in the summer heat, make sure they have plenty of fresh, clean cool water.  Additionally, for owners who have dogs with long hair, you would think having them groomed to a short hair cut would be a great solution.  NOT SO.  The Nomads in the desert cope with the extreme heat by covering their entire body, the same is true for a long haired dog, and the hair/fur keeps them cool in the summer heat.


There is an unseen problem for long haired dogs that can put them in heat related

distress — the undercoat.  Most dog owners regularly brush their dogs and they look great.  Unfortunately, a brush does not get to the undercoat.  For a dog, a lot of undercoat is like us wearing an overcoat.  Therefore, most of your grooming attention should be to the undercoat. After brushing your dog, be sure to also comb your dog.  The dog should be combed all the way to the skin.  Be sure to remove any mats.  You can tell when you have removed the undercoat by running your hand backwards through the dog’s coat.  When you see the dog’s skin through the hair/fur, the undercoat is removed.  Now combing the dog thoroughly should be easy and there should be no mats.


Keep a close watch on your dog when it is extremely hot.  The first sign of a problem is when you see your dog pant excessively.  Panting is how your dog tries to cool itself. If the dog seems disoriented, this could be another sign of heat related problems.  Again, be sure they always have plenty of clean, cool water and keep them inside.


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