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If you really want to efficiently increase energy and enhance your cat’s immunity, and also offer joint and muscle protection, then Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline Cat Supplement is the perfect solution for you. This powerful, natural nutritional powder is easy to use, affordable and can really make a difference in any cat’s life.

Energy & Immunity Boost

Combining all of the needed proteins, vitamins, enzymes, glucosamine and without the use of any harmful ingredients, your cat’s health, energy levels and overall immune system will be naturally boosted! This means more energy and playfulness as well.

 Better Coat & Skin

On top of that, using a specific formula, the supplement will largely improve the skin and coat, giving a shinier coat and a healthier skin.

Joint & Muscle Protection

With the inclusion of glucosamine and additional supportive nutrients, your cat will get the ultimate joint and muscle protection for its wild adventures.

Easy to use

Just sprinkle the powder on your cat’s food every day. That’s it!

Great support

We have a responsive customer support that can answer any questions immediately. We also offer refund if you are not satisfied with the results.

Why Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline Cat Supplement?

  • Enhanced cat immune system (great feline immune booster)
  • More energy and playfulness
  • Reduced shedding and shinier coat and healthier skin
  • No itchiness or digestion problems
  • Reduction in sensitive stomach issues
  • Protection of cat’s joints and muscles
  • 100% guaranteed quality (vet approved)

COMPLETE CAT HEALTH BOOSTER – Avoid going to the vet and get charged tremendously. Boost your overall cat’s health with one affordable supplement every day. Easy to use and veterinarian approved Vibrant Pets Frisky Feline is the complete cat health booster supplement.

STRONG IMMUNE SUPPORT – With all of the needed vitamins, enzymes, glucosamine and proteins, you’ll be treating your feline pet with a strong immune support and protection.

GREAT FOR SKIN & JOINTSUsing the best of the best ingredients, Frisky Feline By Vibrant Pets also represents a combination of cat muscle supplements, glucosamine for cats, cat coat supplement and cat joint supplement. It’s amazing for the muscles, coat and joints!

NATURAL & EASY TO USENo chemicals! No fillers, no sugars, no lactose, no corn, no wheat! All natural safe immune booster. All you need to do is use the cat feline immune booster powder in any of your cat’s meals.

100% GUARANTEED QUALITY – Not satisfied? We offer 100% full refund

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