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Ultimate Plus (for Older Dogs)


Ultimate Plus (for Older Dogs)

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With this one-of-a-kind, older dog immune booster supplement, all problems that are making huge problems to your dog will most likely go away. The premium high-quality supplements from Vibrant Pets are here with another edition, this time with a specially crafted dog supplement for elderly dogs!

How to Use?

One of the best things about the Ultimate Plus is in its effectiveness and simplicity. Just sprinkle one scoop (1 teaspoon) per cup of your dog’s food – either wet, dry or homemade – at each feeding. It quickly disappears and it is effectively digested by your dog. No refrigeration is needed!

Instant Effect and Improvements!

Formulated to help you pet overcome both common and chronic health issues after just a few uses, your dog’s digestion problems will most likely disappear, the skin and coat should become glossy and energy levels should increase. The overall health will be significantly improved as Ultimate Plus is a versatile, all-in-one formula.

Based on a powerful formula

The effectiveness and quality of this formula come from its nutrition-rich ingredients like proteins, zinc, vitamins, probiotics, enzymes, iron, glucosamine and more. This guarantees that this dog immune system supplement will supply powerful health and immune enhancement.

Why Purchase Vibrant Pets Ultimate Plus?

  • Relief from body aches and pains
  • Overcome of allergies
  • Great immune support for dogs
  • Increases performance and energy
  • Improves digestions and reduces sensitive stomach issues
  • Supports muscles and joints
  • Healthier skin, coat and hair

Your dog’s glossy skin and coat increased energy level, and improved health are just one click away!

FLAWLESS DIGESTION – No more allergies or digestion problems! The probiotics and enzymes part of the unique nutrient-rich formula is of enormous help to tackle digestion issues.

Boosts DOG immune system – As one of a complete senior dog immune system supplements, the Ultimate Plus by Vibrant Pets overcomes allergies, restores performance and enhances the quality of life!

BETTER SKIN & COAT – This powerful immune booster for dogs genuinely provides joint and muscle support enhances skin and coat. Simply sprinkle this nutrient-rich powder on your dog’s food every day and see an instant change!

PAIN RELIEF – With this quality immune booster your aging pet will experience relief from body aches and pains. Better quality of life and more energy are guaranteed!

HIGH-QUALITY SUPPLEMENT – With decades of experience, Vibrant Pets has the best pet supplement formulas. With our trademark quality, Ultimate Plus is one of the most versatile nutrient-rich powders we have to offer.

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