Dear Folks at Vibrant Pets,

Please let me share with you how much your product as done for Beck, my Scottish Terrier imported from England four years ago. Beck was five months old and ended up bringing a little piece of Merry Old England with him in the form of a small rusty old nail he had eaten. Needless to say small rusty nails should not be part of your diet. He ended up needing two major surgeries to repair and drain all the infection from his gut. He needed lots of strong antibiotics for quite a long time. We did not try to over work his intestinal tract so he would eat many small meals to start with. I would add just a small sprinkle of Vibrant Pets to his food. He bounced back in good time. My Vet was worried he may never develop well because he would more than likely never be able to absorb enough nutrients because of the type damage done to his intestines.

Needless to say we kept using Vibrant Pets and we have a very healthy active dog who went on to finish his AKC championship and go on to Earthdog and is now working on getting his Master title.

Thank you this outstanding product and helping us to keep our gang in top shape.

Ellen W Avery