We at Vibrant Pets like to think that what we have to say about Vibrant Pets is important but, what our customers have to say about Vibrant Pets is what is really important. Debra Sutton describes just how powerful Vibrant Pets is in this testimonial: 


“My Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Alice, was 11 years old with arthritis, skin problems, weepy irritated eyes and old dog health issues.We were concerned that she would have to be put down.  Steve and Lori started her on Vibrant Pets and within weeks you saw major changes.  We saw brighter eyes, better movement and overall better quality of life. For the next four years we had a dog that played, chased cats and was like a younger dog.  Alice’s coat was shinny and thick with no skin redness or itching.  Her movement was not painful and her eyes sparkled. For four years the children got the dog they grew up with and Alice had the good quality of life that she sooooo deserved.”


We all know of pets with health problems so please pass to their owners information about Vibrant Pets – We can help.