Thank you for helping me and my 7 year old Border Terrier Maxwell Smart!

In August 2011, Max tore his ACL on his right leg.

I was so scared and worried about him that I allowed the Emergency Room Vet to talk me into having surgery on Max’s leg – to bolster the joint with a prosthetic – rather than waiting to see the veterinarian surgeon my regular veterinarian really wanted me to see.

The ER surgeon made it seem like Max could get hurt even more if we waited. And the surgeon my vet recommended did not have an appointment opening right away, so I panicked and had the surgery.

Max got through the surgery fine, but the scenario was very stressful, due to the fact that my dear Aunt Claire also died from cancer when Max was having surgery. Also, because my husband died four years ago and the thought of potentially “losing” Max too during the surgery was unbearable.

Having my boy dog go through the surgery while my aunt was dying and without the support of my husband was one of the most difficult times in my life.

The recovery routine and time frame for Maxwell was also horrendous. He bounced back from the surgery quickly, but needed to be restricted for several months. And he is a terrier! It was very stressful for me, Max and my other Border Terrier Miss Muggle.

Then in December 2011, while Max and Muggle were boarded and I was on a trip, Max tore his left ACL. He is like a little line backer!

This time, however, I did not panic. I made an appointment with the surgeon my doctor had originally recommended.

The surgeon, who is Scottish, knew my breed well, because Border Terriers are from the Border of England Scotland. He knew the terrier personality and understood how you can’t keep a good terrier down!

But he did stipulate that Max needed some time out. He said to wait a month and then he would access the tear and discuss our options.
Meanwhile, I Googled “ACL tears in dogs” and found links to Vibrantpets. Because of the testimonials I found on Google, I decided to try your joint support and muscle supplement.

We then spoke by phone and you confirmed that I had chosen the correct product.

I also took Maxwell for Reiki during the month that the Scottish surgeon asked us to take before returning to him.

When we did return to the surgeon he was ecstatic. He said Max was fine, did not need surgery and in fact not to come back for a year – and that is only for a checkup.

Thank you creating your products!

My next project is to clear up Max’s skin and ear problems with your Skin and Coat supplement.

I love my dogs and appreciate the fact that you have contributed to the world and to helping me and Maxwell and Muggle, even though we have never met, by creating your products.

We are customers for life.

Thank you again!

Best regards,

Kathy, Miss Muggle and Maxwell Smart