How Vibrant Pets began...

My wife and I own a pet store and grooming salon, The Doggie Wash in Purcellville, Virginia. The Doggie Wash has served our community for over 18 years and has been voted the number one grooming salon in Loudoun County. During those years, we have seen numerous of unhealthy and injured pets with unhappy and frustrated pet owners unable to find an ideal & affordable solution to keep their pets active, happy, and healthy. We searched everywhere to try to find pet products that would improve pet’s health and after trying many we found they did not address the underlining health issue because these products addressed the symptom not the cause of deterring pet health. So, my wife and I started our quest to improve the health of pets. Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas is the result.

We initially had a 30 day money back, no question, guarantee but soon found that using Vibrant Pets health improvement was almost immediate so we changed our guarantee to just 2 weeks. No other supplement on the market even comes close to that guarantee and we never get returns. I like to think that what I have to say about Vibrant Pets is important but what is really important is what others have to say about Vibrant Pets. I can go on forever proudly explaining how great Vibrant Pets is but the almost unlimited testimonials on our website and reviews found on the internet tell the story better than I ever could.

My wife is an Nuclear Physicist and I am an Aeronautical Engineer, we both understand science very well and we went on to work with a small animal and equine Veterinarians, Animal and Human Nutritionists and Animal Feed Experts to create Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formulas which is made with premium natural whole ingredients designed to boost the immune system through supporting digestive health approach—Vibrant Pets all-in-one pet supplement was born and since then, Vibrant Pets has shown it guarantees to alleviate almost all chronic and common health issues, and top of that, using all high-quality natural solutions and keeping it affordable.

The power of what we developed really came home to us when we took or Kerry Blue Terrier, Darly, to the Vet for her annual checkup. The initial blood work showed Darly had Lyme disease so we did a detailed blood screening for Lyme. The results were unbelievable! An Antibody level of less than 30U/ml was considered insignificant. An Antibody above 30U/ml was considered clinically significant and required treatment. Darly’s was 506U/ml which is critical to the point of no return. Darly should be in great pain and have extreme trouble moving and her bodies systems should start shutting down and she should be pretty close to death. Darly showed no signs of Lyme. She was active and played like a puppy almost all of the time. She ate and slept well and was a happy dog. How could this happen? Well the answer is simple and elegant – Vibrant Pets Ultimate Formula boosted her immune system to the point that Darly could overcome the effects of the Lyme virus. Darly lived to be 16 and had a happy and great life and gave Irina and I the joy that only a dog can give. Irina and I miss her so.

After seeing what Vibrant Pets did for Darly our Holistic Vet wrote a testimonial and started using Vibrant Pet on her own dogs and started selling it in her practice. A few of the testimonials state that Vibrant Pets is a miracle but the real miracle is the pet itself. Vibrant Pets does not cure a pet – it helps a pet cure itself. There is nothing more powerful than that and all for less than a half a cup of McDonalds coffee a day.

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