Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I buy Vibrant Pets® Products?
The short answer is that Vibrant Pets® products work! Not in some unspecified time, but in 2 weeks, and that we guarantee. All other pet supplements attempt to address the symptom, Vibrant Pets® goes after the cause which makes us the absolute best supplements on the market. For less than a small cup of McDonald’s coffee per day, Vibrant Pets® helps any health problem or maximizes your pet’s good health. View the testimonials on this site and see how excited our customers are and what have to say – after all that is what is most important.
What are Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas?
Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas are an all-in-one formula that encompasses not one, but FOUR different probiotic strains plus vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and both fatty and amino acids designed to boost your pet’s immune system and provide skin and coat and joint and muscle support.
What is in Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas?
Vibrant Pets is a blend of vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids and four probiotics.
How much of each ingredient is in Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas?
The basic formula of vitamins and minerals is prepared to meet your pet’s minimum daily requirements. The probiotics, enzymes and acids are formulated in ratio to the amount of food. So, the amount of supplement is measured in relation to the amount of food you feed your pet. Further ingredients to address skin and coat or joint and muscle issues are added to the basic formula. Except for the guaranteed analysis, which states the amount of Vitamin A, digestive enzymes and probiotics in Vibrant Pets®, the amount of each ingredient is a proprietary formula.
What isn't in Vibrant Pets®?
  • No fillers, antibiotics, urea, bone meal, sugars, lactose, corn, wheat, soy or any ingredient that does not have a positive affect
  • Probiotics that do not degrade at 105° (or lower) like most probiotics
  • No need to buy multiple products to have the same affect.
How much does Vibrant Pets® cost?
That all depends on how much you feed your pet. But a medium sized dog at an average weight using for example Skin and Coat the cost is about 57 cents per day, almost half the cost of a small cup of McDonald’s coffee (approx. $1.09). Best of all, you only need one product to bring your pet into maximum health and keeps your pet healthy for its entire life.
How does Vibrant Pets® compare in price to other products?
Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas are by far the least expensive supplement on the market given its total affect on your pet’s health. Most supplements only offer one thing – vitamins or probiotics or digestive enzymes. Those with vitamins sometimes offer “a” probiotic (usually acidophilus). Some have “a” probiotic with enzymes. Vibrant Pets® offers vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes, amino and fatty acids AND four (not one) probiotics!! In order to get the kind of benefit, you would have to buy several products. We encourage you to go to and other sites that sell supplements and compare prices per serving and, most importantly, what those servings contain. We are confidant that you will see that Vibrant Pets® formulas offer the most benefit for the least cost.
What is a Guaranteed Effectiveness?
We are so sure of the effectiveness of Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas that we guarantee you will see results in two weeks! Compare that to Dinovite who states “feed Dinovite for at least 90 days to see results” or Dr. Kruger Supplements which says “at least a three-month trial period before seeing results”.
When and how much do I feed my pet?
Vibrant Pets® is a powder that is sprinkled on your pet’s food. should be given with each meal. Each scoop is one teaspoon and the amount you use is one scoop per cup of pet food at each feeding. If your pet eats less then a cup during a feeding use a proportional amount of Vibrant Pets®. As an example – ½ cup of food would require ½ scoop of Vibrant Pets. If your pet is in really bad shape you can double the amount of Vibrant Pets®.If you use dry food add a little water or broth to the food so Vibrant Pets® will stick to the kibbles and if you use raw or wet food, mix Vibrant Pets into the food.On the rare occasion some pets have loose stools. This is because Vibrant Pets® replaces the digestive cultures with new cultures with the introduction of our probiotics in the digestive system.These loose stools should last just a few days but if the loose stools continue reduce the amount of Vibrant Pets® by ½ until the stools return to normal and then increase to a full dose.It is also rare for a pet not to eat their food with Vibrant Pets® but it does happen. If this should happen try mixing Vibrant Pets® with raw meat, canned meat, cottage cheese, yogurt or any soft food your pet likes.We have found that once you get your pet to eat their food with Vibrant Pets®, they will continue to eat their food with no problem.There are a lot of pets that will not eat their food without Vibrant Pets®. We believe this is because the pet knows that Vibrant Pets® is helping them and they feel better.I you have any question or if we can help you better manage your feeding regiment please call us at 866-945-7387 or email us at 
How long does a package last?
That depends on how much you are feeding your pet. Our 8oz dog and cat formulas last a small dog or cat 2 to 3 months. Our 16oz formulas last the average-sized dog 2 months and, our 48oz formulas last the average dog 6 months. A 48oz Vibrant Equine lasts a horse 6 months.
How do I store my Vibrant Pets® and how long will it last?
Vibrant Pets® can be stored in your cupboard or any place where the temperature won’t reach 140 degrees or above. It’s a good idea to store it out of direct sunlight. Vibrant Pets® formulas will maintain their potencies for up to two years.
Which formula is right for my dog?
The base formula for all four Canine Vibrant Pets® is the same so whichever you choose, you can be sure your dog is getting all the basic components for complete nutrition and digestion. All formulas will boost their pet’s immune system and helps with almost all health issues. But in order to target specific issues; you may want to choose a formula based on the following:Vibrant Pets® Skin and Coat Formula For your pet’s overall health and vibrant skin & coat
  • Creates a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Increases hair growth, reduces excessive shedding
  • Alleviates itchy skin
  • Increases digestion and allows more nutrient absorption
  • Reduces sensitive stomach issues and enhances the immune system
Vibrant Pets® Joint & Muscle Formula For your pet’s overall health and support of joints & muscles
  • Supports & maintains health joints & muscles
  • Lubricates & relives joint & muscle pain
  • Glucosamine and chondroitin target and reduce swelling & pain
  • Reduces sensitive stomach issues and enhances the immune system
  • Great for dogs that are older, overweight or recovering from injury
Vibrant Pets® Canine Athlete Formula Supports and increases your pet’s performance levels, especially for senior pets, while providing joint & Muscle support and vibrant skin & coat
  • Combines ingredients from Show Dog and Joint & Muscle Ultimate Formulas for the “ultimate supplementation.”
  • Protects joints and muscles from high impact activity
  • Enhances coat and skin condition and alleviates itchy skin
  • Reduces sensitive stomach issues and enhances the immune system
  • Perfect for dogs involved in high level activities and older dogs
Vibrant Pets® Canine Senior Complete As dogs age, their nutritional needs change. Senior Complete was designed to fill the nutrition gap on senior dogs.
How does Vibrant Pets® work?
Vibrant Pets® goes after the cause of your pet’s health problems unlike other products that just address the symptoms. When using our products your pet’s immune system will be boosted almost immediately. We boost the immune system by providing better digestion that results in better health. Vibrant Pets® maximizes your pet’s digestive system so they are getting the maximum amount of nutrients from their food and adds vitamins and minerals to insure optimum health.
What are Probiotics?
Probiotics are living bacteria found in all mammals. They break down food in the stomach and intestines and waste in the colon. Without them, we and your pet, could not digest our food or get any nutrients from it.
What if my pet won’t eat Vibrant Pets®?
Most pets wont mind the taste of Vibrant Pets®. But for those very picky few dogs and cats, try adding some plain low fat yogurt or cottage cheese their food with the Vibrant Pets® added in. Peanut butter and cheese also works well. Over time, decrease the amount of yogurt/cottage cheese while keeping Vibrant Pets®. Soon, your pet will be looking for his Vibrant Pets® and licking the bowl clean!
When will I see results?
We guarantee you will begin to see results within two weeks or your money back! Skin and coat improvement is usually the first places you will see health improvements. The more severe the joint and muscle issues the sooner you will see improvement. When you notice that your pet’s coat and skin feel and look better and/or you notice improvement in joint and muscle problems, you will know Vibrant Pets® is working towards the overall health of your pet! Within 30 days (the time it takes for animal coats to fully cycle) you will see a decided improvement in all aspects of your pet’s health.
What common issues does Vibrant Pets® alleviate?
Vibrant Pets® addresses specific health issues such as poor skin and coat, skin allergies, hot spots, hip, elbow, spine and joint problems, and digestive issues such as diarrhea, loose stools and gas. It boosts the immune system which not only helps specific health issues, but insures that your pet will be healthy throughout the pet’s life. Take a look at our testimonials to get a good feel for what Vibrant Pets® does.
What if I don’t see any results?
Although Vibrant Pets® will improve the health of any pet; it is a supplement and aids in the cure of illnesses our products are not a substitute for veterinary care. Your vet should be consulted if the health of your pet is not improving. As always you will receive a complete refund if Vibrant Pets® does not help in improving your pet’s health.
Why hasn’t my vet recommended a supplement?
Veterinary medicine stresses medical treatment and medical prevention. That’s why you get your pet vaccinated. Vets, like human doctors, have traditionally been trained to treat health issues through pharmaceuticals and surgery and prevention has focused on vaccinations. Unlike human doctors, however, vets must know how to treat many species. Vets have so many issues to address, it’s hard for them to keep up with the rapidly advancing science of nutrition and supplements. But the growing body of research show that good nutrition and the right amount of vitamins and minerals is the best way to prevent problems or keep them from becoming critical. Vets that know about Vibrant Pets, and their numbers grow daily, are excited about it and are not only recommending our products, but are also giving their own pets Vibrant Pets.
Where are Vibrant Pets® Ultimate Formulas made?
We are proud to say that all Vibrant Pets® ingredients come from the United States and our products are formulated and bottled in Virginia, USA.
What other products do you have?

None !! Vibrant Pets® sells only one thing – an all-in-one supplement. It’s our focus and our expertise. We don’t want be distracted with a bunch of other products that may have nothing to do with good nutrition, like so many other companies that sell pet products.

If you don’t see your question here, contact us using the contact form or give us a call at 866-945-PETS (7387).